Call and Response at VSC

Tonight a most wonderful thing happened. A group of 14 visual artists and writers, being supremely generous with their time and creativity, participated in a collaborative project I coordinated here at the Vermont Studio Center. I offered them each their choice of miniature cut-silhouettes, the ones I cut at Danger!Awesome to use as studies for my larger pieces. Asking them to use it in any way they wanted to make a new piece, and knowing what an outstanding group of people this is, I still could not have imagined how each person would put themselves into the project. If my work involves world-building, these artists showed me 14 new countries in this world. I’m blown away. 
As my new friend Gary Hawkins said, “Better Art Together.”

Work shown by Alison Stine & Molly Gallentine, Sharron Diedrichs, Aaliyah Gupta & Staci Schoenfeld, and Judy Schneider.

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