Presenting, Maximena Alice Lee, MAL, the finest interactive, mechanical dragon I have ever worked on! A collaborative piece, created by Lauren Audette, Kit Rebecca, and myself, with the generous help of many friends, she had her public debut Saturday at Figment Boston and is there one more day before we package her up and bring her to Burning Man. Come see her this afternoon, Sunday, 7/28 in Boston on the Rose Kennedy Greenway.

Maximena Alice Lee first public appearance

Early in March I asked Kit Rebecca and Lauren Audette if they would be interested in collaborating with me to build a large, mechanical dragon. Equipped with a few books on automata, some YouTube videos on mechanical transmission, curiosity, hubris, and many friends who came through at every stage of the project, we have made the journey and arrived here, ready to share our creation!

Maximena Alice Lee – MAL – is making her first public appearance this weekend on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. For FIGMENT Boston 2019

I hope you’ll come see us!

The Big Bang Departures

The Big Bang: Departures copper wire and brass rod on painted birch panel. 24″ X 36″

I just finished the largest and most technically challenging of my soldered wire drawings to date. Inspired by reflecting on the impact of social violence on home and community, and also in part by Laurie Anderson ‘s VR piece “Aloft” at MASS MoCA.

Come see it in the Kingston Gallery upcoming Associates show, Pushing Forward, open for the month of January. Opening reception, Friday, Jan. 4, 5:30-8pm.

Kingston Associates: Pushing Forward

Thursday, January 3 – Sunday, January 27
Opening Reception: Friday, January

To make art involves a push: tools on surfaces, hands on materials, minds on ideas. As artists we push into next steps and unknown territory, we push against deadlines and push ourselves to make a thing we haven’t seen before, then push to bring it forward to be seen by others. With these concepts in mind, the Kingston Associates present Pushing Forward. Kingston Associates are members of Kingston Gallery who meet regularly throughout the year, extending the breadth of the gallery community through meaningful engagement and contributing to the exhibition season with high-quality contemporary art and their annual group theme-based exhibition. Associates exhibiting in Pushing Forward include: Jamie Bowman, Steven Cabral, Anthony Falcetta, Jane Lincoln, Brian Littlefield, Rachel Mello, Rachel Sevanich, Rachel Thern, and Anne Sargent Walker. The artists are exploring, discovering, responding, and transmitting thoughts onto paper, canvas, and into the gallery space. Experiencing these works, viewers feel how “push” can be sustained as a resistance against pressure, whether from our own lives or from the wider world with its always-breaking news. The action of pushing can be explosive, a force opening up potential in a process that has stalled. It can be curious; lifting corners, investigating edges, quietly determined to find something of value. A push, at its simplest, transmits energy. Make a thing, make a change, make a decision, make another change. The clock is ticking and it moves in one direction, so push on, push ahead, find a way to stay in motion. Pushing forward can be exhausting. It can also be exhilarating.


I just sent this piece home with Katie Pierce, who commissioned this copper wire drawing of her Somerville home. So delighted to get to work with someone who is so excited about the city and involved in the community.

I’m really happy with how this came out, too.

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