That Space Between Flying and Falling

Next month I’ll be opening a major solo show, my largest to date, featuring thirteen of my cut silhouette paintings created together as an immersive installation. Viewers will walk between and among pieces hanging from the ceiling and casting shadows on the walls and floors. The exhibit will include an atmospheric sound component composed specifically for this show, as well as watercolor sketches and maquette studies.

The works in this exhibit elude conventional categories in art. They’re paintings, but they present themselves in space without a frame. They’re sculptural objects casting shadows, but they’re flat. They’re conceived of and created together, in a way that an installation is not usually composed of paintings.
You are invited to find your own way to experience That Space Between Flying and Falling

Laconia Gallery
433 Harrison Avenue Boston, MA
Fridays – Sundays, 12pm – 4p and by appointment

November 4 – December 18, 2016

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