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Aliza’s Brain Trust: Fundraiser at TraniWreck, August 28


On Monday, July 25, Aliza Shapiro, the big brains behind Truth Serum Productions, was admitted to the hospital for a stroke caused by a cerebral hemorrhage. She currently has motor and vision impairment on the right side as well as language impairment, and will have a long challenging road back to full recovery. We know she will get there with the love and support of her family, friends and various creative communities.

And this is where “community” in the “arts community” and “queer community” comes in.

As a self-employed event producer, artist, and activist in the Boston music and queer arts communities for over 15 years, Aliza has neither employer benefits nor deep resources to support her during this rehabilitation time. Aliza’s Brain Trust is a way to help support her by raising money for her treatment and expenses during her recovery, as well as fostering the amazing community connections Aliza has created and is a vital part of.

You can make a direct contribution at, and/or you can participate in the raffle at TraniWreck at club Oberon on the 28th; buy tickets here:

The raffle will raise money for the Brain Trust and you could win contributed one of my woodblock print collages. And TraniWreck, as always, will be amazing.