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Tiny Tall Ships Festival

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Tiny Tall Ship Hibiscus Print Tiny Tall Ships to Color and Build — a community art project
Union Square, Somerville
Sat., May 14, 2016

festival created and directed by Greg Cook, sponsored by the Somerville Arts Council

Yesterday I had a great time with a project I brought to the Tiny Tall Ships Festival! Visitors of all ages stopped by to color the model pieces for a miniature ship they could then build and take home. I created the design based (loosely) on Galeón Andalucía, a 16th-17th century galleon, which sails from Sevilla, Spain to Tall Ships Festivals around the world.

The Somerville Arts Council sponsored the cost of laser cutting dozens of pieces from illustration board. Kids and adults colored with pencils, markers, stickers, and washi-tape. It was wonderful seeing all the wild and colorful creations.

design drawings tiny tall ships

coloring and creating at the festival