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Call and Response at VSC

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Gary Hawkins at the Firmaments

Gary Hawkins at the Firmaments

Call and Response at Vermont Studio Center
As my residency at Vermont Studio Center draws to a close, we’re preparing for the final Open Studios of the month. Artists throughout the center are setting up work to share with the rest of the residents. Our particular cohort this March, perhaps influenced by the extreme cold huddling us for warmth, has created several collaborative projects.

Tonight a most wonderful thing happened. A group of 14 visual artists and writers, being supremely generous with their time and creativity, participated in a collaborative project I coordinated. I offered them each their choice of miniature cut-silhouettes, the ones I cut at Danger!Awesome to use as studies for my larger pieces. Asking them to use it in any way they wanted to make a new piece, and knowing what an outstanding group of people this is, I still could not have imagined how each person would put themselves into the project. If my work involves world-building, these artists showed me 14 new countries in this world. I’m blown away.

As my new friend Gary Hawkins said, “Better Art Together.”
Call and Response