Will Draw (For) Food

Harvest Special!
Many of my Somerville Local community have vegetable gardens that are o’er brimming this time of year.

You who are ripe with tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, peppers, peas, and yes, even zucchini… would you like a small ink and watercolor drawing of your garden in exchange for some of your harvest?

Drop me a line! I’ll come sit in your garden and draw. You’ll get a sketch, and I’ll fill up my basket with produce.

The Deal:
You get: one 4″ x 6″ work in pen, watercolor, and/or graphite wash (my choice, based on what I see and how I feel I want to draw it). Sketches will be on 140lb watercolor paper, protected in an archival acetate bag. Suitable for framing, or sturdy enough to just stand on a mantel.

I get: to pick for myself up to one bag of produce (a basic, standard, reusable grocery-store bag). You can set parameters as needed such as “please leave me a few of these, don’t take these others, have all the x you want, but leave me the y…” etc.

Subject to conditions of weather, availability, my happening to like the food you’re growing, and your garden or farm being within a reasonable biking or driving radius of Somerville, MA. (If you’re not sure, ask. I might be in the mood for a road trip to the country).

Offer not limited to summer produce! If in the dead of winter, you have a beautiful pantry full of home-canned pickles, tomatoes, or fruits and jams, I’m all for it! If you home-brew hard cider, let’s talk!

Use the Contact page linked here, and let the bartering begin.