TEDxSomerville Artist

TEDxSomerville Artist If you’re familiar with the global TED Talk series, you might be also aware that there’s a new spin-off of independently organized local TED-affiliated events. “TED” originally stood for “Technology, Entertainment, Design,” in the early days of the talk series, but they became much larger, much more in-depth, and more complex than that. TED Talks now, available on YouTube, can be a world-view-changing 10 minute break in the day.

TEDxSomerville, then is very, very exciting: the potential for view-shifting talks, here in Somerville, around Somerville related issues. The theme for the TEDxSomerville talks is “Creative Economy, Sustainable Community.” As you can imagine, these are ideas near to my heart.

The TEDxSomerville talks will be hosted at the Arts at the Armory on Sunday, March 4th.

During the talks there will be a show of works of local artists, and my work will be included in that show along with many other fine, fine Somerville artists.

You can apply to attend the TEDxSomerville talks here. It’s not a big deal to apply, don’t let the process intimidate you! You’ll hear some excellent speakers, meet some wonderful people in your community, and get to see a fine art exhibit, all on the same day.

 Hope to see you there!