Sky Cranes at Harbor Arts

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Sky Cranes Over Boston_400pxSky Cranes InstalledSky Cranes in permanent collection
Boston Harbor Arts has installed my pair of Sky Cranes as part of their permanent collection in the Outdoor Gallery. The fit could not be more perfect.

The mission of Harbor Arts is to embrace the unique challenge of transforming Boston’s historic, working shipyard into a meaningful space for creativity, discovery, inspiration, and education within East Boston’s economically and ethnically diverse community. Cut by an industrial water-jet process out of cold rolled steel, then painted using sign enamels, my Sky Cranes explore a relationship between a working, industrial form—the shipyard cargo crane—and a natural landscape as might have once been found along these waterways.

Overlapping social, political, and environmental forces shift how we use and view waterfronts over time. A working water front can represent one important aspect of a thriving coastal city, while recreational use of the waterfront can represent another important civic use, and both of these exist in a context of heightened residential development pressure for desirable high-end luxury condos. With my Sky Cranes I’m using the language of my painted silhouette pieces that overlaps landscape and form, to bring multiple perspectives of various interests and pressures forward.

Sky Cranes w Window_640

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