Artist Residency at Ucross Foundation

I got fantastic news today! I’ve been accepted as an Artist in Residence at the Ucross Foundation in Sheridan, Wyoming for this Fall.

From September 12, through October 7, I’ll be living on a 20,000 acre cattle ranch in a community of passionate artists, supported by an organization dedicated to providing time and space for artists to work.  It is simply impossible for me to overstate the value of this opportunity to me.

I’ll try to update my Mello Arts page on Facebook occasionally while I’m there, but mostly I’ll be treating it more like a retreat and will avoid being distracted by too much internet connectivity. In the mean time I have more than enough work to do over the summer to keep me busy, both in wrapping up projects I’m working on now, and in preparing to start new work while I’m out there.

Thank you, Ucross, I can’t wait to get there!