Sky Cranes

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Sky Cranes Installed_640

enamel on steel cut to silhouette painted obverse and reverse, shackles, chain; two panels, each: 90″h x 53″w

Installed in permanent collection at Harbor Arts Boston

steel silhouetted craines painted

as installed at the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition, Sept – Oct, 2014

These silhouettes reflect a consideration of the overlapping social, political, and environmental forces that shift how we use and view the waterfronts over time. A working water front can represent one important aspect of a thriving coastal city, while recreational use of the waterfront can represent another important use. These are important considerations to weigh with open eyes.

First created these pieces for a temporary installation in the Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition in their fabulous civil-war era warehouse space, the Sky Cranes have now come home to a permanent installation in Boston’s HarborArts. At HarborArts they recapitulate their surroundings, a working waterfront that fosters an overlapping and simultaneous recreational use in exhibiting art and welcoming visitors.

Sky Cranes w Window_640

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