Figure Drawing From the Inside Out

An anatomical figure study class for artists

Classes are currently on hold, but I do look forward to teaching again soon. If you would be interested in any of the classes below, visit the contact page and drop me a line. Consider joining my low-volume mailing list to learn when new classes are posted. To all my students, thank you for your patience. I look forward to meeting up again.

Do you participate in a figure drawing group, but feel stuck?
Has it been years since you drew the figure in school?
Do your figures stand on ovals or have oven-mitts for hands?
We’ve all been there!

There’s so much to express in the movement, stoke, and gesture, but after while you can begin to feel stuck—like your drawing isn’t progressing and your people don’t quite feel like people to you. That’s a good time to take a step back and study what’s going on underneath all those curves, shadows and postures.

Drawing from a full-size anatomical study skeleton, using anatomical charts and master-drawings for additional study, we will dive into how the “head bone’s connected to the neck bone,” to further your sketching, drawing, and painting.

Small classes of 4 to 6 students; focused study.

Course tuition includes basic drawing supplies (paper, charcoal, pencils) and use of easels and drawing-boards. Students may also choose to work with their own ink or other water-based media.

A portion of the class will utilize live models; model fee is included in course tuition.

Start From Where You Are, Perspective Workshop for Artists