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Cities and Shadows

A series of explorations into the shapes and shadows–physical and emotional–found throughout the landscape of the city. The same imagery is revisited through painting, printmaking, and collage, coming back to the same idea from different directions.

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Small Revelations

Cut-silhouette paintings, woodblock prints, and print collages. Roof-tops, utility poles, and trees—just the small details of a residential city skyline.

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Shopping Carts

Is our measure to be, in the end, reduced to merely “consumers,” our numbers aggregated primarily by what we buy?

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Building on a background in architecture and scenic painting, I began painting murals in the interiors of homes, businesses, and museums in 1999. Here are a few examples of that work. While no longer the mainstay of my work, I do still take on the occasional commissioned project.

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Tool World

The man-made and natural are inexorably linked. There is no place on this earth we have not touched and there’s no turning back. Tool World marks the beginning of my newest series of prints, exploring this intersection, through whimsical animations of hand-tools. Opening a playful window on this reality, for me the point is to find humor and light as a way to be in this shared world.

In this new series I’m combining relief, collagraph, and monoprint techniques. Coming from a painting background as I do, creating these prints represents an intensive process of experimentation and discovery for me.