In case you were wondering what the process is like, for bending these tiny, precise shapes… here goes. Three minutes working on a section that will be less than one square inch of the finished piece.

Working the lines

Starting a new wire drawing. This one is pretty meta if you think about it.
The piece will be called She Works the Lines, but a friend nicknamed it “Woman bends wire into shape of woman bending wire.”


I spent my Saturday night at a friend’s house, learning how to use a plasma cutter! I have no idea how or when I’ll get to use this in my work, but it’s an exciting skill to learn.

Insects in process

Giant insects in process for the Tiny Great Outdoors festival produced by Greg Cook, for the City of Somerville.

What I’m doing here is taking old vinyl advertising banners and piecing them to compose in color and texture. I’m sewing them together, then will sew a wire armature into them to hold the form and enable a little bit of shaping of them.

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