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Paintings on Cut Silhouettes

These pieces are the core of my work. They are about dreaming and remembering as much as they are about living in the city. I overlay multiple places or images in the same physical space to reflect an experience I believe many of us share: a constant overlaying of our internal landscapes onto the external world. Through my cut-silhouette grounds and their painted surface imagery I’m working on pulling these personal landscapes out to the surface and placing the act of looking into the present by incorporating the shadows cast on the gallery wall into the piece being viewed.

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Woodblock Print Collages

Thousands of little tiny pieces of rice paper.
In making these collages, I overlay patterns of my own design, which I have based on wallpaper, tile, and architectural decoration. I’m interested in these patterns and how they speak to us through time.

I cut several different versions of the same basic print—prints with different color combinations in the same matrix—and then layer them back together and glue each little piece individually. The pattern emerges out of this process of layering.

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I came to printmaking through my cut-silhouette paintings. I looked one day and asked “Why is this not a woodblock?” Which it turned out it could be. I started printing the silhouettes before painting them, and quickly found myself immersed in the outstanding world that is Printmaking. Variable edition multiples allow me to study the same forms with different colors and moods. In 2011 I’ve begun to explore monoprinting, blending my world back and forth between painting and printing.

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Drawing and sketching is a pure pleasure to me. I offer drawing classes to share this joy with students. Please see the “Classes” section of this site for more information.

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Study and Sketch Paintings

Small paintings, generally created en plain aire, or in my studio from sketches, intended as studies, as resources for paintings, prints, or other works, and also as completed pieces in their own right.