Sketchday painting

Today, and through the month of August, Thursday Sketch Day is going to be about sketches and design work for my upcoming solo show Laconia Gallery. It’s a little ways off, but I’m making all new work for this installation. I hope you enjoy these sneak peeks! 

Milestone reached

Many of you know that I have a solo show coming up this Fall. All new work. These will be more cut-silhouettes, in the same mode as the “Instinct to Dream” installation I’ve had in my studio for the past two SOSes. Today I’ve crossed a major milestone in the project, in sending off the last of the vector files for laser cutting. From here I’ll be mostly in to painting for the next two – three months. I’m up to low-grade, long-range panic about it now, as I still have a lot of work to do. But I am incredibly psyched and relieved to have this part done!

That Space Between Flying and Falling opens with a reception, Friday, November 4 at Laconia Gallery on Harrison Ave., Boston. 

Tiny Ships

I’m creating a set of Tiny Spanish Galeons for the Tiny Tall Ship Festival produced by Greg Cook for the City of Somerville. Visitor will get to color and assemble their own ships to take home with them.

I used Autodesk Sketchbook for the quick sketching and mock ups, then switched to Adobe Illustrator for making vector files for the laser cutter.

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