Space Cats at Arisia

From the more whimsical and playful side of my work, these “Space Cats” along with a few more, and sketches and drawings, will be on display and available for purchase this weekend at the Arisia Science Fiction and New Media convention in Boston, MA.

That Space Between Flying and Falling

Installed at Laconia Gallery, Boston, That Space Between Flying and Falling is comprised of thirteen panels of cut-silhouette paintings suspended from the ceiling or standing on the floor, casting shadows on the walls. The panels are painted on both sides with skyscapes– the reverse sides of each panel being a gray scale version of each obverse. From any vantage point walking among the panels the viewer might experience the a moment in vivid color or monochrome by shifting their position or gaze.

Last Chance: That Space Between Flying and Falling

This weekend is the last chance to see my solo installation, That Space Between Flying and Falling. This show is the culmination of two years of steady work focused on creating an immersive environment. Cut city silhouettes are painted with expressive clouds in rich colors alternating with gray-scale skies. The shapes of the panels are all vignettes from Somerville streets, whereas the cloudscapes come from a more personal, internal landscape.

If you were at the opening reception, or made it down during the past month – Thank You! And if you’ve been meaning to come see it, I hope you will this weekend. There will be gallery sitters Friday and Saturday, and I personally will be there sitting the final shift on Sunday before taking it down that evening. Perhaps I’ll see you then?

Friday, Dec 16; Saturday, Dec 17; and Sunday, Dec 18
12pm – 4pm
Laconia Gallery
433 Harrison Ave. Boston, MA

City Sketches 2017 Calendar

2016 is almost over. Whatever happens in 2017, you and yours could start each month enjoying a new sketch by a Somerville local artist. Tear off the perforated postcards to mail to a friend or frame, and get a friendly reminder that you’re helping to keep an artist in colored pencils, watercolor, and coffee.

**Bonus Offer!** FREE GIFT WRAPPING on orders placed by December 18th! (Request wrapping in the PayPal “Note to Seller” area, and specify “Christmas” or “non-Christmas” paper).

Orders placed by Sunday, Dec 18 will be shipped immediately. Orders received Dec. 20th or later, will be shipped after Dec. 25.

Starting to Hang…

We’re starting to hang That Space Between Flying and Falling. This piece pictured is Night Light, one of 13 cut silhouette paintings in this show, along with 12 watercolor sketches, and 8 miniature maquette paintings in shadow boxes. I hope you’ll com see it!

A special thank you to Nick, Dennis, and Patrick for working to hang the show with me today!

That Space Between Flying and Falling

Next month I’ll be opening a major solo show, my largest to date, featuring thirteen of my cut silhouette paintings created together as an immersive installation. Viewers will walk between and among pieces hanging from the ceiling and casting shadows on the walls and floors. The exhibit will include an atmospheric sound component composed specifically for this show, as well as watercolor sketches and maquette studies.

The works in this exhibit elude conventional categories in art. They’re paintings, but they present themselves in space without a frame. They’re sculptural objects casting shadows, but they’re flat. They’re conceived of and created together, in a way that an installation is not usually composed of paintings.
You are invited to find your own way to experience That Space Between Flying and Falling

Laconia Gallery
433 Harrison Avenue Boston, MA
Fridays – Sundays, 12pm – 4p and by appointment

November 4 – December 18, 2016

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